Food Review: Platypus Kitchen

Platypus Kitchen is located at one of the corners of Bugis Junction. It has a modern, woodish look but its seats were like ‘moving’ booths when we sat on them.

As we were around the area during lunch time, we thought it will be a good idea to try their special set menus. Our dining experience turned from average to a disaster…..


Their soup of the day was broccoli and spinach. Its taste was better than the dull coloured look. It was nicely seasoned but a bit on the peppery side.


Before we even managed to finish our starters, the laksa risotto came. Upon tasting it we felt that the rice was definitely under cooked, as the outside of the rice was soft but the inside was still hard. However, the staff insisted that they cooked the risotto to ‘al dente’. The prawns left much to be desired as they had a very strong frozen taste.

Next, the sandwich was served. On the menu it stated, it would come with rye bread but instead it came with ciabatta bread. We told the waiter it was incorrect, however he insisted it was the bread that the menu indicated, and even showed us a picture of it on the internet. Further checking on our part, determined that the photo was of the ciabatta bread. Another staff then came and informed us that, they were out of rye bread and had replaced it.


Their truffle beef don was also disappointing. Instead of  Japanese rice, they served it with Arborio rice (Risotto rice) which was also under cooked. The sauce was also too sweet for my taste. Not to mention the micro greens were replaced with Arugula.


The beef steak, ‘au jus’ tasted exactly like the truffle beef don (minus the truffle). Besides that, the portion of the beef was small and thinly sliced.


Their recovery service was just as bad as their food. We had four set lunches and they offered us one dessert on the house. From their dessert menu we chose their Sea-salt Butterscotch which seemed interesting and might save the day. Then we were informed that the American cheesecake was unavailable and  they wanted to replace the cake part of the dessert to a tiramisu, which we declined. They zealously recommended us their “best seller”, the lava cake!!  Their vanilla ice-cream barely even melted after sitting on the plate for quite a while, which was a concern to us. As for the lava cake, when we sunk our fork into it we expected to see the warm liquid chocolate flowing through the middle, instead we saw a jellied-like gooey centre.

I am flabbergasted at the fact that they have managed to maintain a 4-star rating on both their Facebook page and their Google reviews  with such food and service. Our overall dining experience in this restaurant was certainly a big disappointment!!


200 Victoria St, 01-90/91, Singapore 188021

 Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 11.30am – 10:30pm

Friday & Saturday: 11:30am – 11:30pm

Sunday: 11:15am – 10:30pm



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