Author: Joel

Review: Sudio TOLV – True Wireless Earphones

The bass for the Sudio TOLV is pronounced but not overpowering, whilst the highs are clean and crisp. The vocals are generally clear and concise, however with some tracks, they do sound a little manufactured.

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Tech Review: LG SK9Y Dolby Atmos Soundbar Review

LG’s latest release for home audio is the SK9Y. The key features of this soundbar includes Dolby Atmos, High Resolution Audio, Sound Up-converting and 4K Pass-through. In addition to that, it also has Chromecast built-in! Brace yourselves audiophiles, is the LG SK9Y Soundbar a game changer for your home theater experience? Watch the video to find out! If you enjoyed this video and want to watch more videos like these, subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Food Review: The BAKERY by Woodlands Sourdough

Although it is a little hidden shack at Serene Centre, their many alfresco diners makes it difficult to miss. Famous for their great breads and bagels, we just had to try The BAKERY by Woodlands Sourdough for ourselves. As they do not have a standard menu, their display featured the few sandwiches and buns that they had for the day. I decided to pick up their Mixed Mushroom Arugula Sandwich (S$9.00). The sandwich was a little too soggy as they did not toast the sides of the bread, and mushrooms tends to hold a lot of moisture. However, the flavours were really nice. The Sourdough Bread is quite sour (some may not like the sourness) but had a lovely rustic taste that went perfectly with the rest of the ingredients. I also grabbed a cappuccino (S$5), which I personally did not like. It had more sour notes and is quite strong and robust. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to try out the rest of their menu but I would sure love to come …

Food Review: Trattoria da Mimmo

In between Bishan and Marymount MRT lies Trattoria Da Mimmo. It is an Italian Restaurant with humble beginnings and traditional classics sandwiched between industrial and residential areas. Its interior is a more homely, family-styled setup with alfresco like decor (but indoors of course). After settling down and ordering the dishes, our appetizers soon came. First up was the Burrata E Parma, (S$32.00) which is essentially Burrata Cheese and Parma Ham. Simple and yet absolutely delicious. The extremely creamy and milky flavours from the cheese paired with the saltiness of the Parma ham was absolutely wonderful. Next up was the Fritto Di Calamari (S$20.50) or also known as Calamari. The batter wasn’t too thick and it was nicely fried – crispy on the outside and chewy inside. It was also nicely seasoned with a dash of salt. The Focaccia Romana E Pomodorini was pizza bread topped with herbs and tomatoes (S$11.50), was served soon after. A very simple dish with subtle sweet and salty flavours. The Rucola R Parma (S$27.50) is a classic parma ham and arugula pizza. …

Food Review: Platypus Kitchen

Platypus Kitchen is located at one of the corners of Bugis Junction. It has a modern, woodish look but its seats were like ‘moving’ booths when we sat on them. As we were around the area during lunch time, we thought it will be a good idea to try their special set menus. Our dining experience turned from average to a disaster….. Their soup of the day was broccoli and spinach. Its taste was better than the dull coloured look. It was nicely seasoned but a bit on the peppery side. Before we even managed to finish our starters, the laksa risotto came. Upon tasting it we felt that the rice was definitely under cooked, as the outside of the rice was soft but the inside was still hard. However, the staff insisted that they cooked the risotto to ‘al dente’. The prawns left much to be desired as they had a very strong frozen taste. Next, the sandwich was served. On the menu it stated, it would come with rye bread but instead it came with …

Food Review: Tolido’s Espresso Nook @ Crawford Ln

Tolido’s is a neat little cafe located along North Bridge Road. It has a rustic and industrial look whilst remaining cozy due to the small space inside.   We ordered the Rosti with Smoked Bratwurst (S$17). The Rosti itself was nice and crisp on the outside, lacking much flavour, but the Smoked Bratwurst definitely made up for it. Overall it was a balanced dish.   The Spaghetti Vongole (S$17) is loaded with clams. The noodles is cooked al dente and the sauce just has a nice kick to it and isn’t that spicy.   We of course ordered some coffee to go with our dishes, I got my hands on a Cappuccino (S$5.50). It was smooth, closer to the bitter side, but masked up by the milk. They do have a lunch time special where if you order a main, you just need to top up another S$2 for the drink!   Last but not least… Dessert!! Well, the choices on their menu itself wasn’t that great, so we took the Banana Almond French Toast …

Food Review: Salt Grill & Sky Bar @ Ion Orchard, Singapore

Salt Grill & Sky Bar is located on the 55th floor of Ion Orchard. It has an amazing view over the city and you could definitely say “you were dining in the clouds”. During lunch time, they serve a 3-course set menu. For starters, we ordered the Organic Free-Range Egg Crab Omelette, that came with Enoki Mushroom and Herb Salad, and a Miso Mustard Broth. It was a very nicely cooked omelette which was very light and smooth. The salad gives it a very fresh, earthy flavour. The miso broth was light and yet flavourful without being the main focus of the dish. We also had the Steak Tartare, with Confit Egg Yolk, Charcoal Aioli, and Stout Crisps. This was an amazing dish, it was very smooth and had a very similar texture and taste as raw fish. The stout crisps gave a nice crunch to it as well. The dish was nicely seasoned. Usually, chicken dishes are rather boring and not that great. But the Corn-Fed Chicken Breast, with Foie Gras and Truffle Farce, …