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Sudio is back with their latest offering of their wireless earbuds: The Sudio ETT. ETT means “one” in the Swedish language, and it certainly looks like Sudio is trying to make this the one for you. Having reviewed their last 2 generations of wireless earbuds, it seems that Sudio is both listening to feedback and making improvements on their new products based on what they learned from their previous generations. While the Sudio FEM had environmental noise cancellation, the Sudio ETT now features Active Noise Cancellation.

If you have read our past reviews of the Sudio FEM and Sudio TOLV, the main features remain the same. It uses Bluetooth 5.0, and has IPX5 which provides sweat and splash resistance and ease of mind when doing strenuous activities. However, it is notable that more conscious thought was put into the design of the Sudio ETT.

Personally, I felt that this designed differed slightly from Sudio’s usual sleek and clean design. The materials used are the same, with its nice matte finishing, but they opted to go back to a physical button instead. Am I complaining? Not at all! Reverting to a physical button eradicated a lot of problems that the touch button had, like accidentally stopping the song or turning the earbuds off when holding the earbuds in your hands for too long. The physical button is tactile and requires just the right amount of force to actuate, making it easy to go through multiple presses.

Some of the functions on the buttons have also changed slightly from their previous models:

One click: pause and play music

Two clicks: jump to the next song

Three clicks: go back to the previous song

Press and hold for 2 seconds will turn off and on ANC

You can also watch our video review of the Sudio ETT here:

With the addition of active noise cancellation, the Sudio ETT battery life is cut by a third and has a 4-hour playtime on a single charge. However, if you opt to turn off the active noise cancellation the battery life improves to a 6-hour playtime on a single charge. The case also includes 4 additional charges, bringing up the total playback time to 20 hours with the active noise cancellation and 30 hours without.

Sudio ETT USB Type C

Another feature that they added to the case, is the ability to charge wirelessly. I think this is a fantastic feature if you already adopted the wireless charging pads for your mobile devices. However, if you lack the ability to wirelessly charge the case, the case still supports quick charging with a USB type C port; 15 minutes of charging for 1-hour play time. The charging port is now on the left of the cradle with the charging indicators visible allowing the cradle to stand upright while charging. The charging indicators are also at the front of the cradle and easily visible. Instead of their signature brown string, they have opted to use a leather strap in a corresponding colour instead. A definite welcomed change.

Sudio ETT Ear Tips

For any active noise cancellation to be effective, it requires a good seal around the ear canal. Sudio understands this and coupled the earbuds with 8 different-sized pairs of eartips (including the one already on earpiece themselves) to help you find the perfect fit.

The active noise cancellation does a rather good job in keeping out a lot of the low rumbling sounds, and in my experience, cuts out my ambient noise by about 70%. Since the Active Noise Cancellation can be turned off and on, you can hear the difference yourself in a noisy environment.

As for sound quality, I much enjoy this sound signature compared to the Sudio FEM. It is warm with thumpy bass. It also has nice vocals and good clarity in the mid-range. However, the highs do sound a little airy in my opinion. The soundstage is pretty decent with a good amount of separation between the different instruments, which would appeal to many people.

Sudio ETT Earphones

A minor inconvenience that I found was that the active noise cancellation does not automatically turn on as it does not remember the setting from your last usage. So, every time you use it you have to turn on the active noise cancellation before it starts to work. There is also no audio indication when you turn it off. While it does not matter to most people, it is definitely something that makes the process a bit tedious. Another quirk is that if you have turned off the earbuds, you would require to put it back into the case before you are able to turn it on.

Overall, the Sudio ETT is quite compelling when compared to something like the AirPods Pro. The Sudio ETT has similar features and decent sound quality and comes at a lower price point – definitely makes it recommendable in my books!

The Sudio ETT is available in 4 different colours: Black, White, Green, and Pink. If you are planning to purchase your own pair of the Sudio ETT, do not forget to enter the discount code “BeyondNorm15” upon checkout to get 15% off your order and free delivery to anywhere in the world!

Sudio ETT with Tote Bag

From now till the end of July 2020, you can also get a new Sudio tote bag for free with every purchase from Sudio’s Website! (while stock lasts)


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