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For the creators, wanderers, and thrill seekers, Wandrd was born from two brothers who wanted to inspire people to get out and live passionately: exploring, creating, and living life in the moment. Being previous patrons of Wandrd’s, we love that they strive to create quality products that are well-built, versatile, and last a lifetime whilst working hard to minimise their carbon footprint – honouring their responsibilities to both their customers and the environment.  Their products are always well thought through and have a ton of amazing features that increases functionality.

Recently, Wandrd dropped two new product lines: their Tech Bag and Toiletry Bag. Their tech bag comes in 3 sizes of small, medium, and large. They are a great solution for your tech needs with unique organisational elements, and can be used for daily carry, short trips, and even long trips.

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The main similarities between the 3 sizes are the materials used for the build of the bags. They are made of a nylon weather resistant material with YKK weather resistant zippers, giving you the ease of mind that the contents of the bag will be safe and protected in any condition.

Each of Wandrd’s Tech Bags have a loop, which they call a secure grip passthrough handle, at the bottom of the bag. This allows you to slide your hands through for a more secure grip on the bag so that you will not accidentally drop it when accessing the things inside.

They also have a unique webbing loop and a gatekeep system which allows you to connect these tech pouches together to create a mega bag. This also allows you to attach their Tech Bag to their Toiletry Bags or to the outside of the PRVKE or DUO bags.


The small 1-L Tech Bag is designed slightly differently from the medium and large pouches. It lays almost completely flat when fully opened, giving you the ability to see and access its contents easily. In the interior, it has 3 mesh pockets; one large pocket for bigger items, and 2 smaller ones that are perfect for smaller objects such as cables, thumb drives, and memory cards. It also has 2 dual pen/pencil loops. One unique thing about the small is that it fits inside the large Tech Bag, which is particularly useful if your equipment consists of a lot of smaller items and prefer to have them neatly organised rather than tossed into the bag’s main compartment where you have to dig through to find what you are looking for.


Wandrd’s medium and large Tech Bags share more similar features such as 2 quick-grab side handles which makes it easy and quick to grab if you have them in your bag. Both bags also have 2 access pockets with the front pocket lined with fleece.


The medium 2-L bag design appears to be more trapezoid or trapezium in shape instead of rectangular. It has 2 compartments; one of which is accessed from the front, with just enough space to fit a phone or power bank. The main compartment is really spacious and comes equipped with an accordion style organisational system. This could either work for or against you as it is great for organising smaller items but might get in the way if you have a ton of big items. On the side, it has another 3 mesh pockets; a larger one in the middle and 2 small ones at the side which can be used to hold cables and smaller items.


Wandrd’s large 3.5-L Tech Bag also has 2 compartments, where the front pocket can be opened almost all the way and is lined with fleece. The main compartment is significantly huger and, as previously mentioned, can fit the entire small Tech Bag within it. It is completely unobstructed, and both sides have mesh pockets; one side split into 2 equal pockets, while the other side has 2 smaller pockets and a bigger one.

Carry Strap

The best part is that Wandrd also designed an elegant Carry Strap that attaches to any size bag individually which makes it great for daily carry. The Carry Strap attaches to any of the 4 webbing loops on the Tech Bags and uses the gatekeeper system to secure it, but has a magnetic buckle so that you can quickly release the strap.


Personally, I would recommend getting either the medium or large Tech Bag, as they can carry a lot more. However, they each have their own unique traits to cater to your needs. The medium size would seem to be the best as a standalone bag as the large bag may feel a bit too bulky for everyday usage.


Small: $29 (approx. S$40)

Medium: $44 (approx. S$60)

Large: $59 (approx. S$80)

All: $119 (approx. S$160)

Carry Strap: $19 (approx. S$25)

If you wish to grab a Tech Bag, or any of their other bags, you can visit them here:


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