Tech Review: Sudio T2

Since the release of the Original Sudio Tolv, Sudio has gone on to release many new wireless earbuds with different form factors, features and at different price ranges. They picked up on what worked and what did not and finally put it all together which is the culmination of the Sudio T2.

Visually, the build of the Sudio T2 earbuds is very similar to the original Sudio Tolv. They kept its key iconic aesthetic: the metal button. They have significantly improved on the ergonomics of the earbuds providing a much better fit and seal around the ear which is crucial for the new features that they have added.

The Sudio T2 case has also changed, with a more rounded but even more compact shape, adding a factory reset button to the bottom of the case. This button first appeared on the Sudio Nio where it was not very flushed into the case, which they have since resolved in this release. One of the best updates is that they have finally changed to a USB type C charging port. Besides the changes on the case, they have also swapped the loops from a cork like fiber to a more synthetic fiber with metal to give it a more modern look.

In the box are the usual set of ear tips, charging cables, and manuals.

The major feature that was added to the Sudio T2 which has also become a staple in all of Sudio’s wireless earbuds is Active Noise Cancellation. Unfortunately even after reading the manual, it was very unclear of how it worked, and there seems to be no other documentation in the box on how it works. When activating it, it just sings a chime instead of saying what mode is on. Upon checking Sudio’s online FAQ and my understanding, I believe that there are 3 different modes: the first when pressing for 2 seconds is just the normal mode meaning no active noise cancellation what-so-ever, the second 2 seconds is only when the active noise cancellation gets activated which might I say works extremely well, and lastly the third 2 seconds actually amplifies the surrounding noise — giving you more awareness of your environment while allowing you to enjoy your content.

They have also standardised their button controls for their metal button (which is not a physical button but a touch button):

One tap on either side – Play/Pause

Double Tap on Left/Right – Previous Track/Skip Track

Triple Tap on Left/Right – Lower Volume/Increase Volume

The Sudio T2 holds about 7.5 hours of playback time or 6.5 hours with active noise cancellation turned on, which is pretty impressive, while the case itself holds about another 35 hours worth of playback time.

The sound quality is very enjoyable. It has a very strong punchy bass that even the previous models do not have. It does not over power the clarity of the vocals which most will definitely enjoy. Overall, it has a non-fatiguing, pleasing, warm sound signature.

My first major complain is the lack of documentation on the noise cancellation of the Sudio T2. I think they could have done a much better job at explaining and from my testing it takes two 2-second holds before you can actually turn on active noise cancellation. Another downside is that it seems like you have to turn off the earbuds first before placing it back into the case or else the earbuds will not turn off. I have placed it back in without turning it off and closed the case and it has remained on and paired to my device. Checking on their online documentation this seems to not be the intended case and may just that it is my set is experiencing this problem.

Overall, once you have gotten used to the controls of the Sudio T2, it is a great sounding pair of wireless earbuds. For S$179, it is by no means cheap but for its features, aesthetics, and sound quality I highly recommend it. At launch, it comes in the colours Jade and Sand, as well as the usual Black and White. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, you are in luck! You can use our code “BeyondNorm15” and receive 15% off all of your purchases on Sudio’s website.

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