Review: Wandrd Toiletry Bag

Planning for your next travel, stay-cation, or adventure? Toiletries are usually the most cumbersome, as they consist of many small items in all shapes and sizes. The Wandrd Toiletry Pouch was designed to help you solve that hassle.

The Wandrd Toiletry Pouch comes in two sizes: a 2-Litre Medium bag, and a 3-Litre Large bag. Both options come in only one colour: Black – a neutral colour that should suit the majority.

Both toiletry pouches are made of the same weather resistant material – N420 ROBIC with TPU Coating. They are designed with 2 Quick Grab side handles, and what they call a ‘Secure grip pass-through’ at the bottom of the bags. This essentially provides you with a secure grip of the bag, minimising the odds of you dropping the bag while accessing the items inside. It comes with 4 attachment webbing loops and 2 gatekeeps, allowing you to attach and combine more than one toiletry bag together to create a mega-toiletry bag, or the option to combine it with the Wandrd Tech Bag, or any of Wandrd’s Bags like the Prvke or the Duo.

The Wandrd Medium Toiletry Bag has 2 compartments: one accessing from the front while the other from the top. Unzipping the front zipper reveals a pocket lined with PU material, making the front pocket liquid resistant and perfect for those bottles with sketchy lids. However, it is not very spacious, and I reckon that you will be able to fit in 2 bottles, but your milage may vary depending on the shape and size of the bottles. Upon unzipping the top, you will be greeted by a large amount of unobstructed space which is great for storing your bigger bottles and items. There are also 2 mesh pockets on one side to store smaller items and a toothbrush holder on the other side. The Wandrd team specially designed the sleeve with anti-microbial fabric to ensure that the bristles of your toothbrush do not breed any bacterial while also keeping it away from any liquids or objects you do not want your toothbrush touching.

The Large Toiletry Bag from Wandrd is a 3-litre bag that also has 2 compartments. Not only is it bigger, but it also has a ton of other features included. Both compartments are accessed from the top. At the back of the bag are a panel of 3 holders. Wandrd thoughtfully designed this to hold your wet toothbrushes and razors so that they can dry off after you use them before placing them back inside the bag. Inside one of the holders is a hang hook that can be easily attached to the shower, or if you are outdoors a tree branch. The front pouch is relatively small with 2 mesh pockets and one zipper pocket and is best for keeping smaller or flatter items. Opening the zipper pocket reveals a jewellery snap loop making it incredibly convenient to store your essential pieces. The main compartment on the other hand has a ton of space for bigger toiletry items. It also has a zipper pocket to keep your smaller items organised and a toothbrush holder with the same anti-microbial sleeve as the medium toiletry bag.

As with the Wandrd Tech Bags, the Wandrd Toiletry bags can be carried as a stand-alone bag using the carry strap. It attaches to any of the 4 attachment webbing loops using the gatekeeper system. It also has a magnetic quick release to easily detach and reattach the strap.

Personally, I would recommend the large toiletry pouch over the medium, solely based on its extra features and functionality. However, if you are planning to get this as a standalone bag, I would recommend the medium as it helps you travel light and easy. It is not as bulky and more practical as some of the extra features in the large may get in the way.

The pricing of the pouches is as follows:

Medium Toiletry Bag – $39 (approx. S$53)

Large Toiletry Bag – $59 (approx. S$80)

Carry Strap – $19 (approx. S$25)

You can grab yours here:


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