Tech Review: LG Soundbar Flex SJ7

Soundbars serve both an aesthetic purpose and deliver great sound. Living in Singapore, rooms are small and space is tight, that is why the LG Soundbar Flex SJ7 brings a new meaning to flexibility.

The LG Soundbar Flex SJ7 is a 3 piece sound system which allows you to arrange the soundbar’s placement to your specific needs.

It has 3 different ways it can be used:


  • The standard Soundbar setup


  • The stereo setup
  • Or a surround sound system (Oopsies not possible to take a photo for this one)


In fact, one of the speakers is portable and can be connected through Bluetooth; allowing you to play music from any part of your home. The soundbar has quite a heft to it so it might be slightly inconvenient to bring outdoors.

It also features Adaptive Sound Control (ASC) which analyses content in real-time and automatically adjusts the sound to suit the correct content. However, this feature has to be activated using the remote by pressing the Sound Effects button.


The primary unit is capable of connecting to your media via Bluetooth, an optical cable or HDMI ARC.

For my first round of testing, I used the soundbars while it was paired with my phone through Bluetooth. Using the “Standard” sound effect, the main body of the bass comes from the sub woofer. However, the soundbars do have quite a bit of low end. This is when the vocals gets drowned out and sometimes even the piano parts get slightly muddy. The volume can be adjusted with the remote control or the buttons on the side. Alternatively, it can also be controlled via your phone.

Next, I tested it using the optical cable. Using the same “Standard” sound effect, the mid range generally sounded fuller and more pronounced. This is where I tried the different sound effects like the “ASC” and “Bass Boost”. The “ASC” sound effect does make dialogue slightly clearer. When music is cued in, it does give it a slight boost. However, the “Bass Boost” did not seem to have as significant difference as compared to the “Standard”.


For the selling price of S$1088(RRP), it is a fairly decent sound system. It is able to fit into homes with awkward layouts as the flexibility of the setup is up to your own creativity. If you listen to media very often, the portable soundbar is a convenient alternative to using headphones.

For more information or to find out where to buy it check out the link:


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