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Tech Review: Sudio FEM – True Wireless Earphones

With an ever-increasing interest in true wireless earbuds, many companies have sprung up in attempts to fill this void at all sorts of price points. The Sudio FEM stands out with their first ever implementation of what Sudio calls ‘Environmental Noise Cancellation’. This feature is similar to Active Noise Cancellation but the only difference is […]

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Tech Review: LG Soundbar Flex SJ7

Soundbars serve both an aesthetic purpose and deliver great sound. Living in Singapore, rooms are small and space is tight, that is why the LG Soundbar Flex SJ7 brings a new meaning to flexibility. The LG Soundbar Flex SJ7 is a 3 piece sound system which allows you to arrange the soundbar’s placement to your […]

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Tech Review: Beats X

The Beats X is one of the newest (as of posting) wireless earbuds from the Beats lineup. Since Apple has taken over Beats, the company has only been going up. It took a pretty long for me to get my hands on this but I finally managed to. (YAY me!) I got the Beats X […]

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