Tech Review: Beats X

The Beats X is one of the newest (as of posting) wireless earbuds from the Beats lineup. Since Apple has taken over Beats, the company has only been going up. It took a pretty long for me to get my hands on this but I finally managed to. (YAY me!) I got the Beats X in blue as it’s a pretty unique colour.

This is my 2nd Beats product and really, the unboxing experience was awesome!!! Straight away you are greeted by the earpiece itself and underneath it was the manuals, the extra eartips of various size, as well as earhooks of various sizes if you require a more secure fit. Behind all the eartips and earhooks was the case and a charging cable. Unlike the previous wireless products made by Beats, this charger has a lightning adapter, so all those Apple users should be glad. My only slight complain is that the case is a dust magnet and it gets dirty super easily.

Now moving on to the earpiece… Syncing the Beats X to my iPhone was a breeze. The moment I turned on the Bluetooth on my phone and powered the Beats X on, my iPhone automatically detected and connected. It pairs with Android phones and


For sound quality, I didn’t really expect much as wireless earpiece generally don’t sound that good but I was pleasantly surprised. It had the signature Beats sound. Super bassy with decent clarity in the mids and highs.

Another highlight of the earpiece is the sound isolation. It manages to passively block out a lot of noise around when I am out and about. In addition to that, the battery life is pretty solid too! With a full charge, I managed to get through a whole week, whilst using it for roughly 1-2 hours a day.

In conclusion, for those who can’t stand the iPhone 7(or the new iPhone 8/iPhone X) without the headphone jack or you just wanna go wireless, the Beats X is a solid buy. Costing S$199 on the Apple Store (the actual store) you get a sleek looking pair of earbuds and a good sounding one too!

Side note: After using it for about 4-5 months I encountered a problem with the Beats X and had to send it in for repair. Apple sent a brand new Beats X and it seems to be working fine now.


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