Food Review: Boufe Boutique Café @ Phoenix Park, Singapore

Known for their uniquely fashioned cakes (notably their unicorn cakes), Boufe Boutique Café is tucked away in a quiet corner of Phoenix Park along Tanglin Road. The café itself maintains the British Colonial exterior of yesteryears. As the location is not as conveniently accessible as some other cafés, it provides a refuge from the rest of bustling Singapore and is generally quiet and cosy.

Boufe plays on the ample amount of natural lighting by keeping its interior simple and minimalistic. It definitely makes for prettier pictures for the gram. 😉 Their all-day brunch menu features an array of classic options, as well as some fusion food items. I love that they bake their own bread in-house every day.


I ordered their Yuzu Eggs Florentine ($19) which features sauteed baby spinach, Norway smoked salmon, poached eggs, homemade yuzu hollandaise sauce with paprika, and salmon roe on top of their artisan sourdough. It was also served with a side of fresh greens. I was pleasantly surprised by this combination. The hollandaise sauce was amazing, and the overall combination paired well with the bread.


When the Truffle Mushroom Pasta ($14) arrived, we were greeted with a strong and generous wharf of truffle goodness! Most cafés tend to be a bit stingier with their truffle oil, but Boufe clearly did not hold back. You can order your pasta with a choice of either spaghetti or linguine. The truffle mushroom cream sauce, sauteed spinach, sous vide egg & parmesan cheese blended well together. However, I would have preferred if they added in another dash of salt as it leaned toward a blander flavour. Word from the wise, you might want to share this with a friend, a mate, or a partner, as a change of flavour would be well appreciated.


I also tried their Duck Confit ($18) which came with a red wine glaze, mashed potatoes, and sautéed mushrooms. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the marination and felt that both the duck confit and the mashed potatoes were bland and lacking salt. The duck was also quite dry.

We happened to visit Boufe at a time where they introduced new menu items, so we decided to try them out too.


The Old Bay Chicken Taco ($16) arrived and it was a feast for the eyes. The toasted tortillas were served with skewered old bay marinated chicken thigh cubes, assorted capsicum, lettuce, coriander, parsley, shallots, butter corn, and chipotle dip. The colours were so enticing and the taste certainly matched! The chicken felt like it was a tad bit overcooked but was tasty! The dish teased our palettes with an array of enjoyable, earthy flavours!


We also tried out their new Chasu Miso Pasta ($18) which was served with a few slices of pork chashu, miso sauce, onsen egg, spiced silver sprout, and shredded seaweed. Personally, I did not find the pasta to be anything spectacular. However, I really enjoyed the smokey flavour of the pork chashu and its melt-in-the-mouth texture!


Boufe Boutique Café also provides an array of cakes for those who enjoy their after-meal sweets. We decided to give them a try and ordered The Rock ($8), Strawberry Shortcake ($8), Daisy Cake ($8), and Classic Cheesecake ($8). All of which I believe is pricier due to their sizes, but they were beautifully presented. Their cakes lean towards the sweeter side so do be mindful of that when trying them out!

IMG_1465 (watermarked)

Overall, Boufe has a great environment for quality family time, and catching up with old friends!


308 Tanglin Road #01-01
(Phoenix Park)
Singapore 247974

 Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday : 9:00 – 20.00


Boufe Boutique Café

Tel: +65 67347656


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