Quick Coffee: Habitat Coffee

Photo 6-3-16, 8 43 28 PMOne of the well known cafes at Upper Thomson Road is Habitat Coffee. It has a very simplistic interior with minimal decor. Habitat coffee has a sizeable menu; consisting of breakfast items, pastas and various sandwiches. They also have a limited choice of cakes and waffles as well. We tried their Tiramisu; it had a very strong alcohol taste, soft and creamy but the coffee sponge was at the bottom. Overall it was quite well balanced.

Photo 6-3-16, 8 45 39 PM

Photo 6-3-16, 8 52 11 PM

Now moving onto the coffee.

We had a cappuccino(Regular – S$4.9, Large – S$5.9), piccolo latte(S$4.2) and a normal latte(Regular – S$4.9, Large – S$5.9) as well. The cappuccino was strong, bitter and smooth. The piccolo gave quite a strong kick and was smooth as well. The latte however tasted kind of tangy, the coffee taste sticks to the tongue and actually tasted stronger than the cappuccino.

Photo 6-3-16, 8 49 20 PM

Photo 6-3-16, 8 47 53 PM

We really enjoyed Habitat’s coffee a lot and it is a must try!

Coffee Rating: 7.5/10

Photo 6-3-16, 8 39 05 PM

Located at:

223 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574355

For more information visit their website:



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