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Food Review: Word. @ Upper Thomson Road

Located behind the upcoming Springleaf MRT station of the Thomson-East Coast Line is a newly opened cafe called Word. It has an industrial, rustic theme going on. Their menu focuses mainly on Asian fusion-ed with western cuisine, and quite punnily-named menu items as well. Cut the Crab (S$15) which is their homemade crab cakes was nicely breaded and pretty salty on its own. The sauce tastes like a combination of a Thousand Island Dressing and a lemon vinaigrette. The pairing went perfectly with each other, toning down the saltiness from the crab cakes. The Vongole Le Cream (S$14) was kind of bland and a tad bit more salt would have been nice. It has quite a large portion, pretty creamy and has a similar taste to a carbonara. However it lacks some sort of meat, so this dish is kinda pricey. We also ordered the chix lollipop (S$14). The chicken was cooked perfectly. The meat comes off the bone nicely and was tender. It is quite an interesting fusion dish, using the Chinese stir-fry black pepper sauce …

Quick Coffee: Habitat Coffee

One of the well known cafes at Upper Thomson Road is Habitat Coffee. It has a very simplistic interior with minimal decor. Habitat coffee has a sizeable menu; consisting of breakfast items, pastas and various sandwiches. They also have a limited choice of cakes and waffles as well. We tried their Tiramisu; it had a very strong alcohol taste, soft and creamy but the coffee sponge was at the bottom. Overall it was quite well balanced. Now moving onto the coffee. We had a cappuccino(Regular – S$4.9, Large – S$5.9), piccolo latte(S$4.2) and a normal latte(Regular – S$4.9, Large – S$5.9) as well. The cappuccino was strong, bitter and smooth. The piccolo gave quite a strong kick and was smooth as well. The latte however tasted kind of tangy, the coffee taste sticks to the tongue and actually tasted stronger than the cappuccino. We really enjoyed Habitat’s coffee a lot and it is a must try! Coffee Rating: 7.5/10 Located at: 223 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574355 For more information visit their website: