Quick Coffee: Five By Five

At Upper Thomson Road, lies this cafe hidden behind the main street. Walking in, you can feel a very chill, relaxed atmosphere. The menu has a variety of breakfast/brunch items. If you are looking for an array of desserts, this place is not for you.

Photo 5-3-16, 11 50 59 AM

Photo 5-3-16, 11 51 26 AM

Now for the main part; the COFFEE.

We ordered a latte(S$4.5) and a cappuccino(S$4.5). The latte had a hint of sourness, light and not too milky. The cappuccino was quite bitter, light but rough. For both cups of coffee, the art was the same, just in case you are into that. Not to mention if you like the smell of coffee, the aroma is not really there at all.

Photo 5-3-16, 11 29 43 AM

Overall the coffee is not the best, nor the worst. It seats nicely somewhere in the middle.

Coffee Rating: 6/10

Photo 5-3-16, 11 30 16 AM

Located at:

#01-03, Thomson V One, 9 Sin Ming Rd, 575630

For more information check out their Facebook page:



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