Food Review: Café Etc


We stumbled upon this Café located along Thomson Road during lunch time. It had a very rustic look to the place using dark furniture. It had very interesting decoration along the walls.


We ordered the set lunch consisting of a soup of the day, a main, a beverage and an optional choice of a desert of the day which we did not go for.



The soup of the day was a tomato soup. It tasted very authentic; you could taste the sourness of the tomatoes. It was seasoned nicely and served with a decent portion.



The two mains we ordered were their beef steak and their chicken steak. The done-ness of the beef steak was medium rare, however I found the steak to be undercooked making the steak overly chewy. It was seasoned nicely and went well with the steak sauce. The fries were crispy and nicely salted. The chicken steak was cooked well but its sauce was overly salty and a rather boring dish. The mash potatoes were also very disappointing. I suspected they used instant mix mash potatoes hence giving its very powdery texture.

Chicken steak


It was a rather quiet day, only serving our table, and they only had one staff serving. We did have some difficulty trying to get the waitress to serve us. Other than that it was pretty normal


The set lunches starts from S$9.90

A main course on average cost S$15.00

A drink is around S$4.00


The name itself is a bit of a confusion; Café Etc {Steaks   Bistro   Bar}. If it’s a café I feel the pricing is way too high, a steakhouse not really having that great steak. It is more bistro-styled but it does not serve that great food either. Overall, I do not recommend this place.

For more info check out their website:

Located at:

203 Upper Thomson Rd, 574344


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