Food Review: Lot Twenty, Perth

Our plan for this Saturday was simple: Go to the Fresh Prints event at Northbridge Piazza and then get something to eat. As we didn’t have a plan on what to eat, we ended up walking around aimlessly for a long while and sweating profusely before finally settling on having an early dinner at Lot Twenty.

Lot Twenty

Lot Twenty is one of those places that we’ll walk pass and say we’ll go there soon but never did – until now that is.


This place has a really chill ambiance with the artsy decor and The Black Adder as a soundtrack for the toilets. It exuded so much coolness that I instantly fell in love with the place.

IMG_6826 Landing

Lemon Lime & Bitters $4 and Rockmelon & Rose spiked with Gin $9

While Lot Twenty is known for their yummy cocktails, I opted for one of their house made sodas, Lemon Lime & Bitters, and Preet got a Rockmelon and Rose soda spiked with Gin. My drink was refreshing and went really well with the food we ordered. Preet’s drink was equally delicious although the rockmelon wasn’t a favourite for her but it had a very unique sweet taste which she found interesting and the amount of alcohol in the drink was just enough to keep her happy for a very chilled out session.

Clarence River School Prawns, Wasabi Mayonnaise $10

The prawns were lightly battered and crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside. The sauce had just the right amount of tangy wasabi flavour. As someone who doesn’t like mayonnaise (at all), this sauce has the thumbs up from me.

Tokyo Fries
Tokyo Fries, Shichimi Seasoning, Nori, Pickled Ginger Mayonnaise $9

We would have preferred if the fries were slightly crispier. But with the chilli salt seasoning and nori in the mix, the fries were delicious. The sauce had a light creamy flavour with a tinge of ginger.  Once again, the mayonnaise wasn’t really noticeable.

Jamon, Cheddar, Cornichon, Olive Oil on Rye $9

There was a nice thin layer of  Old Style Dijon Mustard, between the toast and the Jamon, which went really well with the rest of the ingredients. It was definitely an interesting medley of flavours bursting in my mouth. The rye was nice and crusty at the sides whilst there was the right amount of bite to the centre.

Top View

Overall, we really enjoyed the food and experience we had at Lot Twenty. The staff were friendly and the service was good. I would most definitely be returning here soon.


Location : 198-206 William St.

Opening Hours :

Monday to Saturday : 10.00 – Midnight

Sunday : 10.00 – 22.00

Facebook Page :


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2 thoughts on “Food Review: Lot Twenty, Perth

  1. Beautiful food snaps! That Rockmelon and Rose soda & gin sounds too good. I’m a rockmelon fan so I think I’ll have to try it. Adding this spot to my “to eat” list! Great read x

    1. Thanks love! Hope you’ll enjoy your visit there just like we enjoyed ours! 🙂 x

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