Food Review : MAX + SONS COFFEE @ Perth City

It’s always risky for me to go to Perth city, not because of safety reasons, but mainly because I have no self control when it comes to shopping. The abundance of boutiques and trendy clothes for affordable pricing available at the city is insane! If I lived anywhere nearer to the city, I would go broke! Thankfully, it takes a slight effort to head to the city, so the laziness is not a bad thing after all, hey!

I did some damage to my wallet while shopping for winter necessities and when that was done, I took  a stroll down Williams Street while feeling like a million bucks with new clothes… (but oh, the irony!) After that day, I promised myself that I will only go shopping next season.

All that shopping made me hungry and thirsty for something yummy.  I wasn’t looking for anything huge to devour, but a sandwich or a kebab didn’t sound too bad. I was aimlessly walking down Williams street and debating on whether I should go home and eat (to save cost) or get something out here. To my surprise, while walking towards the Perth Underground Station, I noticed a little colourful alley next to The Coffee Club and it made me extremely curious. (You have no idea how excited I get every time I discover a new cafe, it literally makes me the happiest kid alive.) I walked through that alley only to find various different food places, big and small, hidden from the crowd. Jackpot!

Apparently, the entire alley is called the Globe and Railway Lane. It’s really so pretty, I just wanted to run up and down this alley like a little kid.


The cafe is situated right at the end of the Railway Lane and honestly, it just feels like you have walked into an entirely different universe.


Of course, I sat outside. After days of it being dark and gloomy, the sun was finally out. Though you probably can’t tell from this shaded view, it was a beautiful day!


I entered the cafe around 2-3 in the afternoon. A lot of their food and pastries were already gone by then but thankfully, I ordered up a Ham & Cheese Bagel and (since I was excited and greedy,) I got myself both hot and cold coffees. Often, the service that you get from a cafe or shop strongly impacts your experience of the place. I feel that Max + Son’s Coffee has one of the friendliest baristas and I wish I had taken down the name of the person that took my order, she was such a dime! She was so welcoming and warm, I kinda wish we were best friends.



After paying, I made my way outside and took a seat and enjoyed watching men in suits walking pass my table. Like I mentioned earlier, it was a beautiful day.

Iced Coffee, $5

My iced coffee arrived first – an excellent way to cool down. Followed by my hot latte which confused my body and taste buds because of the difference in temperatures. Both coffees were on the average side to me. It wasn’t the best coffee I’ve had but I would definitely come back for a second chance to be proven wrong.

Latte, $4.50
Ham &Cheese Bagel, $8.50

The bagel was really yummy. Although it was a little salty, I was too hungry to care at that point. I went through their Facebook page to find out more about their dessert section and apparently, they sell donuts made by TopDup Coffee which is to die for!


Overall, the cafe is pretty awesome. I would definitely go back for the donuts which I have yet to try. Donuts is everything to me. The main thing that I like about this place is the fact that it was hidden from the crowd and also the amazing customer service! Give this place a try if you are looking to try something new yourself.


Max + Sons Coffee 

Location : 140 William St, Perth WA 6000

Opening hours :

Monday – Friday : opens from 6.30 am

Saturday : opens from 9am onwards

Facebook :


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