Tech Review: Brainwavz M5

The Brainwavz M5 retails at US$49.50 (S$65.50) but can be easily found under US$40.00 on Amazon. It comes with a hard-case carrier, several silicon ear-tips and even a pair of foam ear-tips. Honestly at this price range, the accessories that come with it is amazing.

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The sound drivers are housed in a nice metal and plastic housing. At first I actually felt that they were pretty flimsy but on further inspection it seems like this pair is gonna last pretty long. The wires are round thin cables but so far I have yet to get them tangled when I roll them up. It also has a remote on the wire that I like a lot. The remote is pretty small so it does not add additional weight to one side and only has one button.

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Now the sound… For me it sounded pretty balance and flat. On very rare occasions the instruments sometimes overpowers the vocals making it very muddy.

Noise isolation is not that great either and you are still very much able to hear your surroundings clearly.

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For gaming, I really disliked how it sounded. For games like CSGO, gunshots sounded very muddy and very inaccurate making it quite hard to figure out where it came from. For other games like League of Legends, it sounded decent.

For the price tag, its a pretty good upgrade from your normal out of the box earphones that come with your phone, if you just want to listen to music and watch some videos.

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*PS: I am no audiophile and everything is my personal opinion*


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