Food Review: Nanta BBQ Restaurant


Looking from outside the restaurant, it does not look like much, as it sits at the corner of a row of shop lots. Very modern and simple decorations, nothing over the top, but it makes the whole place look neat. It is quite spacious in between the tables.


They have quite a variety of dishes consisting of a more modern take on Korean cuisine. They mostly have barbequed food but they have also some soup dishes, as well as noodles. The Korean side dishes are of course free of charge and refillable as well.

Side Dishes

Side Dishes

They serve quite a nice variety of side dishes, quite a good balance between them. The kimchi dishes were quite spicy and have a nice kick, tastes pretty authentic as well. The other dishes were a little bland but complemented the kimchi dishes very well.

Cheese Ribs 1

Cheese BBQ

It came with 8 pieces of ribs and some rice cakes marinated in some bean sauce, with a lot of cheese. The sauce can be either mild, spicy or hot spicy. I ordered the spicy sauce, however it is not that spicy and I actually found it rather mild.  After the cheese has melted, one of their staff would come to serve the ribs. They would wrap the cheese around the ribs. The ribs are very soft and come off the bone nice and easily. The ribs with the cheese are pretty interesting, full of flavour and very tasty.  This is one of the must try dishes.

Cheese Ribs 2

Seafood Pancake

Seafood Pancake

It has a pretty thick layer of flour with minimum seafood, mainly it contains squid and prawns and kind of bland without the dipping sauce. It has a nice and crispy texture when it was hot but when it got colder, the pancake was not as nice.  Personally, I would prefer that they add a little more salt into the pancake to balance the taste.

Beef Stew

Budae Jjigae

The Budae Jjigae is a soup similar to a stew. The soup of choice is either chicken or ox bone soup. I chose the beef Budae Jjigae. It contains a few pieces of beef, mushrooms, tofu and vegetables. After being cooked, the beef was nice and tender. The soup was also very tasty after being boiled for a while. However, I felt that this dish was not as interesting compared to the other dishes which I have ordered.



Their service was very good. Although their staff spoke limited English, they were very observant and friendly when they were communicating with the customers.


Cheese BBQ sets from SGD45.00

Normal BBQ sets from SGD129.00

Fried Chicken from SGD27.00

Budae Jjigae from SGD39.00

Other food from SGD10.00 to SGD25.00

Drinks from SGD2.00

Special Note:

They have a lunch special which comes with side dishes and a can of soft drink. Prices start from SGD6.00 to SGD12.00

For more info check out their Facebook page:

Located at:

175 Thomson Road, #01-175, #01-177 Goldhill Centre, 307624


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