Food Review: Hush Specialty Coffee @ High St, Fremantle

Barely 24 hours from the time I got back to Perth, I started to have massive cravings for coffee (as always) and lucky me lives a 10 minutes bus ride away from my favorite place in Perth – Fremantle. I made my way to there and got my coffee fix from the Markets which I have missed oh so much, I then decided to take a stroll down the Cappuccino Strip in Freo to see what I have been missing out from the last 3 months that I have been away.

I made it all the way down to High street which usually is somewhat less crowded than Cappuccino Strip or even Market street in Freo. While I was aimlessly walking around with no sense of directions or whatsoever, I stumbled upon this really cozy looking cafe called “Hush” and I just knew that I had to drag Jannah here to try this place out with me, which then begins our little coffee adventure the very next day.

As usual, standard Jannah and Preetha timing for brunch is always after 2pm , especially on a Sunday because it’s difficult to physically or mentally function anytime before that, ESPECIALLY ON A SUNDAY!


I actually thought this place was called “Hustle” (based on the sign above the shop) only much later did I find out that it was actually called “Hush Specialty Coffee” hah.. a little confusing.


The ambience in particular exudes this rusty yet warm and comforting vibe that is so inviting, especially if you’re looking for a place to just have a cuppa and chill. Hush is hidden from the hustle and bustle, offering you a more intimate and relaxed setting.


As soon as you step a foot into the cafe, you are greeted with this beautiful sight of the rustic staircase that leads to yet another mini world of solitary.

Order Counter

Water Station

Most cafe’s that you visit, have a platform or a table where they provide water but Hush has taken one step forward (or backwards) and incorporated their water pipe as part of their water station prop which gains big brownie points!

Looking Down

The view above from their forever-alone seat is amazing! It really doesn’t matter if you’re here alone or with a big group because if you’re looking for a less noisy environment to catch up with a friend or take some time out for yourself, this cafe gives you exactly that. Staring out into the world with a cup of coffee and a good book is definitely one of the best ways to unwind.

Top Bench


Honestly speaking, we were starving that afternoon, mainly because we skipped breakfast and lunchtime was almost over. We needed food that was quick but not too filling and Hush had just that with a good variety of sandwiches, wraps and bagels for an affordable price. After 10 minutes of staring at the food counter, we finally made up our minds on what to eat.

Top View

Voila! We decided to get a Scrambled Egg and Bacon Wrap ($9.50) and Ham and Cheese croissant ($6) accompanied by two Iced Coffee’s (about $4).

Scramble Egg and Bacon Wrap
$9.50 Scrambled Egg and Bacon Wrap

I personally loved this wrap and (coming from someone who hates veges) how deliciously easy it was to eat the greens. I enjoyed eating the scrambled egg, it was very flavorful and who doesn’t love bacon? Bacon is everything you need to start your day, other than coffee of course.

$6.00 Ham and Cheese Croissant
$6.00 Ham and Cheese Croissant

However, the Ham and Cheese croissant was average. It wasn’t disappointing but it just tasted like your everyday basic Ham and Cheese croissant with no surprises.  The Iced Coffee too was a little disappointing, it tasted like it was watered down and the richness of the coffee was absent. We both decided to try their hot beverages the next time we pay Hush a visit, we think that would truly determine the quality of their coffee.

Overall, we had such a good time eating and catching up at Hush. We were geeking out at everything and I think we came across as annoying.. (oops) ..but we were only having fun! Hush Specialty Coffee is definitely a must try spot if you ever make your way down to Freo AND are looking to escape the crowd.

Location: 68 High Street, Fremantle 

Opening hours :

Monday – Friday : 06.30 – 16.00

Saturday : 06.30 – 15.00

Sunday : 07.00 – 15.00

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