October Favourites 2014

First of all, I can’t believe how quickly October ended. October has been such a roller coaster ride for me. It has been difficult trying to juggle assignments, work, life, and also staying healthy all at once (life of an Uni student). BUT with the help of a few things that I consider my ‘happy pills’, I have managed to retain my sanity.


In this monthly favourite, I have chosen (in no particular order) 5 of my top favourite obsessions in the month of October.

 1) Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour 

colour: Lights..camera

I went into Priceline a while ago to casually look around and kill time while I was on my work break. I told myself that I won’t buy anything but, I came across this lip product which was on sale and immediately, had the strongest urge to try it. I usually gravitate towards brighter colours when it comes to lip products but, somehow this nude-brown lip product caught my attention. To be honest, I have dry lips and since this product dries matte it does make your lips look a little weird, hence, it is important to moisturise your lips a little before applying this product. This lip colour is called “Lights.. Camera” and I love how easy it is to apply and how it complements any style.

The whole month of October has been really hectic for me and sometimes putting in the extra effort to dress up becomes a burden. But with the help of this little guy over here, I managed to glam up a casual outfit within seconds.

2) Fruit Print tops

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I confess…. that… I may have some weird issues. Summer is just around the corner and I have been buying more shirts to pair up with my denim shorts in attempts to fight the heat. The obsession started with Pineapple prints and then slowly evolved into Banana prints and now, I’m just obsessed with anything with fruits on them. I think these shirts are absolutely hilarious and really cool! It’s always fun to stand out and do things that puts you out of your comfort zone.

3) How To Get Away With Murder 

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Oh.my.gosh. I can’t begin to tell you how much I am in love with this new series and how painful it is to wait every week for a new episode. This series is just perfection. Viola Davis is, hands down, the most amazing actress. This series is fairly new, so for those of you who are very much into stories that involve crime and legal drama, this will not disappoint you! Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) plays the role of a professional and respected criminal defense lawyer and also a law professor that has a group of five law students. She coaches them and somehow they all fall into this twisted murder plot. As the series progresses, it slowly uncovers the truth behind the murder that has happened and how each of them got involved. I watched episode six last night and I am craving for more already… The wait is killing me!

4) DERMABLEND Concealer

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I owe this concealer over here my utmost gratitude and life for being able to make my acne scars disappear! DERMABLEND covers up your dark circles and also your scars very well. It’s very easy to apply and the best part is that it doesn’t wear off with time or when you sweat. However, it does have the tendency of settling on creases, especially for those with dry skin. It’s best to moisturise your face before applying this concealer on your skin to avoid looking like a snake shedding its skin (speaking from experience). This is actually my very first concealer and I always hated the idea of having too much product on my face when I go out but, this concealer is so smooth and light that it feels like you don’t have any make up on your face. Although it is really pricey, I think it’s definitely a great investment. Don’t be fooled by this small tub because I have had this concealer for almost six months (I use it on a daily basis) and it has barely reached the end.

5) Daniel Radcliffe Rapping

Please do me a favour, if you have not at all seen this video of Daniel Radcliffe (aka The boy who lived aka Harry Potter aka not Frodo Baggins) nailing Blackalicious’s track “Alphabet Aerobics” then PLEASE, I urge you to watch the video down below!

This video made my entire month! I always thought Daniel Radcliffe was a pretty good looking chap but oh my, after watching this video, guess who’s bringing sexy back? *ba dum tss*



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  1. LOVE HTGAWM! Viola Davis is a goddess; she’s a scene stealer. I’m pretty new to the show(currently at ep 5) and I’m trying hard to avoid spoilers 😀

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