Review: Singapore’s Luxury Tallship, Royal Albatross

Docked along the waterfront of Sentosa, the Royal Albatross is a unique luxury tall ship that operates like an old-world ship. Batman fanatics may also be thrilled to know that the Royal Albatross was featured in ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008) as Bruce Wayne’s private yacht. The ship is about a 20-minute walk away from VivoCity if you are walking to Resort World Sentosa via the 700m long Sentosa Boardwalk.


Our cruise started with apprehension as it started to rain just as we were pulling away from the docks of Sentosa. The crew were scurrying around to ensure that all passengers on board remained safe and dry despite the rain and heavy wind. But thank God that shortly after our voyage began, the rain came to a halt and the clouds began to clear up.


The Royal Albatross was the perfect spot for photo ops, especially with the clear skies and kiss of a golden sunset.

Shortly after we set sail, we approached the buffet line. The spread consisted salad, cold cuts, a variety of hot food and a few choices of desserts. Due to space constraints, the desserts were displayed after we had completed our main meal. While we dined, we got to enjoy the live band that was situated in the Salon on the lower deck.

As we had a fun group of passengers on board with us, it added a great touch to our cruising experience. We also got to witness a wedding proposal on board! How romantic!

If you tend to get sea sick, I would suggest popping a sea-sickness pill a few hours prior to boarding. However, ginger sweets are also available at the bar counter if the seas are too choppy for your liking.

The 2.5 hours sailing cruise gives us a different perspective of Singapore’s gorgeous skyline and Sentosa’s surrounding islands. The dining experience differs depending on which package you’ve opted for. For the Gold package (Adult: $165/Child: $125), you get your selection of food from the buffet menu provided. The Platinum package (Adult: $195/Child: $145) gives you a 3-course sit-down dinner with an assigned seating area in the upper foredeck.

The Royal Albatross cruise is a unique and relaxing experience for couples and families alike. It provides a memorable date night, is great for family bonding, even for celebrations of special occasions. The sunset cruise is a wonderful getaway from the weekend crowds of Singapore.

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Location :

8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269

Tall Ship Royal Albatross home berth is adjacent to Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa

Royal Albatross Website :


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