Beauty Review: Custom Lipsticks @The Lip Lab Perth

Ever since I walked pass Lip Lab in Freo, I’ve been itching for a go at customising my very own lipstick shades. However, I did also want someone to go with who would be equally enthusiastic about the experience. Fortunately for me, I had just met Tammy, my fellow lipstick enthusiast. Spurred on by Safiya’s Bite Lip Lab experience, we booked our appointments and excitedly headed down to the Lip Lab in Perth city.

Prior to visiting the Lib Lab, I went through numerous reviews trying to find out if the lipsticks were worth the splurge because let’s be practical, beyond the experience, I wanted to know that I would still use my custom shades and enjoy them. However much to my disappointment, there wasn’t a peep about it. So I made it my mission to do some “fieldwork” and report back to all the wonderful people on the interwebs. 😉 I guess you could say, “I did it for the blog”. Haha.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that we were as excited about being in LipLab as kids would be at a candy store. We were ooh-ing and aah-ing at everything. We met our two mixologists, Gaby and Kim, who both did amazing jobs! The experience was so thorough; from the colours that we wanted, to the scent, to the finish, to the 3 different optional additives (for an extra $3 a pop)! Everybody’s lipstick has a different formula depending on what you choose and that was part of the magic. They also provide a consultation card specifying your personalised blend so that you can re-order if you wish to.

Since we were customising our own lipsticks, we went all out. We had the option of two different lipstick shapes, the standard or the “gothic” (which is exclusive to Liplab by the way). So OF COURSE we went for the gothic shape. We also had an option of the classic lipstick case or a squared one… You guessed it, we selected the squared one! One of my favourite parts about the lipstick case is the magnet between the holder and the lid, so every time you close it, you can hear the magnets snap back into place.

I opted for one shade to be my-lips-but-better and the other to be a dark purple-ish shade. I had both of mine with a matte finish. Meanwhile, Tammy opted for a nude my-lips-but-better shade and a darker brown-ish nude. Our main goal was to have nude shades that wouldn’t make us look like undead zombies. (Haha.) Now we had our perfect nudes and more!

You should’ve seen how excited we were when we finalised our personalised shades of lipsticks. Naming our custom colours proved to be quite a challenge. But armed with a touch of narcissism and inside jokes, our babies were named. (And we really couldn’t have been more pleased.) The difficult part was having to wait 24-hours before using/swatching the lipsticks so that it cools down and sets all the way through. It felt like the longest 24-hours everrrr….

After a few months of testing out my custom lipsticks, I can safely say that I am happy with my “babies”. My nude shade has become one of my go-to lipsticks for obvious reasons, and I’ll be sad when I’ve used it all up. Maybe I’ll have to re-order it… 🤔


The dark purple-ish is something I grab from time to time. I love the colour, however, my only disappointment is that the coverage is no longer as opaque as it used to be.

Overall, I think that it is worth splurging for the Liplab experience at least once in your life. You could make a good girly date out of it (like I did) or you could do it for a special occasion like a birthday party or hens night!

Note: Prices to customise your makeup start from $30. For more details, check out their website:


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