Recipe: Spicy Sour Mustard Greens (Chai Buey/Choy Keok/菜尾)

I was first introduced to this dish; Choy Keok (in Cantonese) which literally means leftover vegetables and meat, by my mother in law.  She will usually cooked this incredibly delicious dish on the first day of Chinese New Year with the leftover meat from our reunion dinner. I don’t know the origins of this dish, all I know is the person who first introduced this dish is such a genius.  😀

The interesting part of this dish is since the leftover dishes added may be different every time, the taste of this dish could turn out slightly different every time it is made! Apart from being a very appetising dish, we can recreate a new dish using the leftovers which helps reduce food wastage!!

My leftover Peking duck was transformed into this delicious hot and sour dish the following day. My husband absolutely enjoyed this dish as I think it is his kind of comfort food.

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Serves 4 to 5 persons


800g to 1 kg of leftover meat (roasted duck or chicken, pig trotter etc.), cut into 2 inches pieces

1 head of Chinese green mustard (Gai Choy/芥菜), was and cut into 2 inches pieces

10 pieces or more Assam Gelugor/Assam Pei, washed and drained

14 pieces or more dried red chilli, washed and drained

6 cloves of garlic, peeled and slightly crushed

6 slices of ginger (optional)

2 tablespoons oil

1 tablespoon salt

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon light soy sauce



  1. Heat up oil in a pan/pot and add in the garlic and ginger (if you are using). Fry till fragrant.
  2. Add in your pieces of Assam Gelugor and red chilli, then fry for a few seconds.
  3. Add the mustard green. Stir and mix well.
  4. Then add in the meat. Stir and mix well.
  5. Add in the seasoning. Mix all the ingredients well.
  6. Add in enough water to cover the mustard green and meat. Bring to boil.

  7. Skim off the scum and fat that accumulates on the surface of the dish.
  8. Then reduce the heat and simmer for an hour.
  9. Adjust the seasoning if necessary.
  10. Turn off heat and dish out. Serve with steamed rice.


  1. The measurement in this recipe is just a guide.
  2. If you have less meat and want to add more vegetables it is still fine.
  3. If you prefer it to be more sour-ish added more Assam Gelugor.
  4. If you prefer it to be spicier add more dried chilli.
  5. Adjust the level of sugar and salt according to taste.
  6. Unfortunately you cannot replace the mustard green with any other vegetables for this dish.

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  1. Hi is this mustard green a fresh vege or the preserved one?

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      The mustard green is a fresh vege. 🙂 Hope this helps!

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