Beauty Review: Lush’s Rosie Gift Box – A Rose-Themed Gift Set

For as far back as I can remember, I loved rose-scented products – whether it be essential oils or beauty products. So when I was recently given the Rosie box, I was super ecstatic because there’s one of my favourite scent in a bunch of different forms! To be honest, I left the box sitting on my table for a really long time before I finally opened it. Even then, the smell of roses filled up my room.

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First up, can we just talk about how vibrant and whimsical the wrapping paper looks? Love it! It already looks so good that it’s perfectly acceptable to gift it to someone (or yourself. hehe) as it is. I’m definitely gonna try and repurpose the wrapping paper, especially since it’s a thicker paper and of a better quality.

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In the box were 2 bath bombs, a shampoo bar, one shower gel and a skin conditioner. When I opened the box, I was greeted with a rush of a warm, fresh and clean rose scent.

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The rose jam shower gel is a limited edition product that is only available during Christmas. Another friend of mine had previously given me a Lush box (which had rose jam in it) , and I’ve been in love with it every since. So happy to have gotten my hands on its yummy smells again!

Photo 2-08-2016, 3 47 29 PMPhoto 17-08-2016, 5 56 31 PM

The Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb may not look like much in the bath, but it definitely smells wonderfully rosy. The little rose buds that were embedded in the bath bomb were so pretty and definitely gave the bath a dainty and delicate vibe.

Photo 2-08-2016, 3 50 26 PM

And if I have to be honest here, I was most excited about trying out the shampoo bar. Lush is known for some of their really unconventional products (like toothpaste in the form of tablets, edible lip scrubs and of course shampoo in a bar.) While I loved the smell of my hair after my showers, I found that it left my hair rather frizzly and tangled. I guess I won’t ever be swapping out my shampoo for this product.

Photo 2-08-2016, 3 51 26 PM

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner was my favourite product out of the whole box! Having naturally drier skin, I’ve always had to moisturise my skin after a shower. But this product definitely helped to save some time as I was able to moisturise quickly in the shower hence shortening my get ready time. Would definitely consider repurchasing this product in the future. 🙂

Photo 2-08-2016, 3 46 44 PMPhoto 17-08-2016, 5 59 15 PM

The infamous Sex Bomb was my first bath bomb purchase at Lush, and to this day, it still remains my favourite bath bomb! The floral scent is really soothing and while pink is usually a colour that I avoid, this bath bomb has definitely tickled me pink! (Pun TOTALLY intended.) Everything about it helps make you feel luxurious and like the boss (of the bathtub). Definitely worth the splurge if you’re in the mood to pamper yourself or a loved one.


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