“Comparison is the Thief of Joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

*Watch till the end of the video*  ( I promise, it’s worth your time )

The way we perceive ourselves and the way we think other’s perceive us is what we call ‘Body Image’. Growing up in a generation where the media sets the standard of beauty has definitely brought more harm than good to all those young boys and girls that are going through the confusing stage of adolescence.

The issue with body image doesn’t just magically disappear after puberty, it stays on for however long we allow it to. This video has definitely brought to light the importance of self-acceptance. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, we have to learn how to respect and love ourselves in order to stop allowing negativity into our lives.

The internet definitely needs more videos like these to spread the positive message of self-love! 

I hope this video has blown your mind as much as it has done for me!

Stay positive, peeps!


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