Food Review: The Attic @ Bannister St, Fremantle

So winter is almost over and the weather is currently pretty awkward. Nevertheless, we were keen on trying out this really cute cafe called “The Attic”. Funny fact, I came across this cafe on Urbanspoon sometime last year but somehow I could never find it in Fremantle because I kept getting lost. Of course like any other hungry human being, I gave up and went for the closest option to fill my tummy instead. Thankfully the weather this time around was perfect. However, we did get a little lost while trying to find this place since its quite easy to miss (especially if you’re not familiar with the streets of Fremantle).     

If you are looking to have a nice and cozy Sunday morning breakfast or brunch with a small group of friends or alone then this is the place for you.


The first thing that caught my eye about this place was their dessert choices. Instantly, I felt like a little kid craving for my sugar fix. I am obsessed with the layout of this cafe. It isn’t too big and you may feel a little claustrophobic but if you’re coming in alone or in a pair then this could be your getaway.


The magical part of this cafe begins when you make your way up to their attic (hence the name of cafe). Somehow, this seems like the mystical place where all your troubles and worries disappear when you take a seat. The ambiance played a big role in how the serene energy from the room was transferred to every customer. This would be my little hiding place when I need to have some time alone with my coffee and a book.



Another thing which I also liked the most about this place is the friendly baristas. There’s just something about good customer service skills that I find rather attractive.


FOOOD! I ordered Sweet potato fritters with mixed salad on the side and some delicious hot chocolate. The sweet potato fritters tasted absolutely amazing and I would easily come back for more.

To be completely honest, I am the last person to ever order a salad but I have been trying to eat a little healthier so I decided to have this (and yes I was very proud of myself). For me, the Israeli couscous was far easier to swallow than the bean yogurt. The sweet potato from the Israeli couscous had a tinge of sweetness which of course triggered and fulfilled my sweet cravings.


Jannah was also being a little adventurous with her food selection. She ordered a Spanakopita , which is originally a Greek savory pastry dish consisting of Spinach and Feta cheese and also served with the mixed salad of the day. She enjoyed it very much, but I felt that the taste of the spinach in the pastry wasn’t subtle and was overpowering the cheese – which I could barely taste.

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Breakfast Panini ($ 12.50): Free range poached eggs, bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese served with some salad on the side. The portion was decent and they were very generous with the bacon (big plus points for me). The only thing that was disappointing for me was the excessive vinegar in the salad dressing. It was way too strong for me.

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Banana cake with Passion fruit icing to finish off. I wasn’t completely in love with this cake, as I thought it was a bit too sweet for me. Nevertheless, it was still delicious.

Overall, I really loved how small and hidden this place is. Going in for a coffee at The Attic almost feels like you’re escaping the world which also explains why the cafe is located in such a peculiar and easy to miss location. The Attic is located on Bannister Street of Fremantle, a street which has very few pedestrians.

Cafe : The Attic

Address: 16a Bannister Street, Fremantle WA 6160

Opening hours : Tuesday – Sunday ( 7am-4pm)

Website :



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