Hotel Review: Dougashima Hotel Tenyu – 絶景の宿堂ヶ島ホテル天遊

Over the past few years, Japan has had growing popularity as a travel destination. They’re known for their culture, food, and sights. One element that plays a big role in the entire Japan experience would be staying in a Ryokan.

A Ryokan (旅館) is a type of traditional Japanese inn that has existed since the eighth century A.D., during the Keiun period. They are difficult to find in Tokyo and other large cities because many are more expensive compared to hotels. A main criteria people usually look out for while staying in a Ryokan would be authenticity.


Dougashima Hotel Tenyu is situated in a town called Nishi-Izu, under Shizuoka Prefecture. The first impression I had upon arrival was beyond words! The hotel staff were hurrying out to the car park upon seeing our vehicle enter the hotel compound (via CCTV). They welcomed us warmly and offered to valet our car while we proceeded to check-in.




We booked the Japanese Superior Room which is very spacious and big enough to comfortably fit a family of four. The room was also clean and tidy. The view from our room balcony was scenic and jaw-dropping – we were facing the Suruga Bay ocean, with the sea breeze causing the petals from the Sakura trees to gently drop off, and wild birds singing in joy.




The meals were held in our room. Every morning/evening an elderly Japanese lady would politely serve us our meals, meticulously painting our dining table like an art piece. Before entering the room, she would go on her knees and bow, displaying an intensely high level of humility and respect.




The meals typically consists of the traditional Japanese cuisine known as Kaiseki, which features seasonal and regional specialties. All the dishes were fresh, tasty, and plated beautifully.


The hotel is located along the coastal region of Izu Peninsula. As the area is known for its natural beauty of mountains, oceans, seafood, hot springs, and above all, its sunset spot. The sun drops into the ocean horizon with the view of the two iconic islands. As such, we were blessed with many Instagram worthy photos.


The onsen experience was one of the best that I’ve had as it is clean, spacious, and loaded with amenities. However, the star has to be the open air onsen which was decorated with rocks and overlooking the ocean. The combination of the cool ocean breeze and hot spring water, coupled with all of nature’s beauty within a movie screen distance, was an unforgettable experience.


Overall, I had a memorable experience with Hotel Tenyu as they displayed fine qualities of an utmost gracious host which deserves to be commemorated.


410-3514 Shizuoka, Nishiizu,
Nishina 2962, Japan 


Nishi-Izu Dogashima Onsen Hotel Tenyu


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