9 Ways to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

Amidst the bustling festivities at the start of every new year, we often find ourselves wondering if there’s any point in setting this year’s resolutions. Every year we set goals to exercise and be healthier and improve ourselves but we give up before we reach the halfway mark, so what’s the point right? But as I reflect on the past year, I’m convinced that every tiny improvement goes towards making our year better. So I’ve come up with 9 realistic and reasonable resolutions that will help 2016 your best year yet.


  1. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
    Sounds straight forward and simple right? Everyone knows that we need to drink water everyday, but little do we know about the importance of why we do it. Being hydrated throughout the day help to keep us energised. It also contributes greatly to keeping our immune system in tip top condition! (Personally, I like to keep a jug of water in my room to ensure that I have easy access to water.)
  2. Sleep at least 8 hours every night.
    Another one that sounds like a no-brainer, but with our hectic lifestyles, we tend to try to squeeze more into our waking-hours and cutting down on our rest time. Having at least 8 hours of sleep every night will improve our well-being. Besides that, being well rested is a great mood booster as well!Scramble Egg and Bacon Wrap
  3. Don’t skip breakfast.
    Remember when you were younger, and your mum will feed you breakfast saying that “it’s the most important meal of the day”? Well… as I’ve grown older, I realised that it’s true. Eating breakfast has helped to boost my energy and increase my overall performance. So whether it’s just a simple bowl of cereal, or a full-fledged big breakfast, I always make it a point to have breakfast.IMG_7701
  4. Cut down on sugar.
    This may sound like a drastic step for some. But consuming lesser sugar will help us move a step further towards being a healthier version of ourselves. Take cereals that are less sugary, put 1 tsp of sugar instead of 2 into your coffee. Simple steps like these will help you reduce your sugar intake and increase your productivity too!IMG_3990
  5. Pick up a new hobby.
    Be it skateboarding or knitting, cooking or baking. Discover a new passion and work on mastering it. This can help you destress and give you a sense of achievement as you master this new skill. How great is that!
  6. Read at least one book every month.
    Often, we think we’re too busy with life to take the time to sit down and read. But sometimes, we’re just being unproductive with our time. Take some time out every weekend to just sit down and read a book. You’ll be surprise and how calming and beneficial it’ll be for you.
  7. Pick every city/suburb/town and explore it thoroughly.
    Leave no leaf unturned, no corner undiscovered.  You’ll be surprised at what gems you’ll find. (Like this nice little cafe or my little slice of heaven <- also a good place to get away and read a book!)IMG_6742
  8. Break out of the norm and try a new place on your nights out.
    Whether it’s with your family, friends or other half, take a chance and try a new place. Take it as a little adventure. You never know, that little leap of faith may quickly lead to your new favourite place.
  9. Declutter your life.
    Get rid of the things you don’t use – donate it to Salvos, recycle them or throw them away. You’ll realise that you have a lot more space in your life for things that you need. Besides that, organise the things that you’re keeping. There are plenty of storage systems and organising tips to get your living space looking neat and tidy.

I hope these little suggestions will help you out for the year ahead! Happy New Year! 🙂


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