Cafe Review: Red Cherries Coffee Bar

Some cafes are worth braving the rain for.. And Red Cherries Coffee Bar is one of them.

Shop Front

Tucked in the back section of The Piazza at Freo, this one is a slight toughie to find, but when you do, it’s a hidden gem.

Coffee Counter

Red Cherries Mural

Seating Area

The decor is the main thing that drew me to the place. Decked with beautiful murals, old school pieces, and good vibes, I instantly fell in love with the cafe. It’s has the perfect chill environment to catch up with friends or even a book date.

Cozy Corner

On top of the cozy interior, it certainly didn’t hurt that the staff were friendly and unafraid to strike up a conversation. These are definitely plus points in making this visit a pleasant and memorable one.

Soup Counter

While the choice of food is limited to what’s in stock at the fridge, there are choices of soups to help customers brave the winter cold.

Red Cherries Loyalty Card

Coffee Cup

As the sister store of Black Cherries Espresso from the Fremantle Markets, the coffee lives up to expectations and did not disappoint. I especially liked the coffee cups that the coffees came in (which the barista so graciously gave us because Sam said she wanted the cute cups. Haha.)

Puzzles and Fun Stuffs

Window View

All in all Red Cherries is a really nice cafe to escape from the busyness of life to unwind. I’m definitely looking forward to going back there for another cup of coffee!
Red Cherries Mural

Location :
Shop 14/15, 36 South Terrace,
Fremantle, Western Australia

Opening Hours : 
Monday – Tuesday : 6.30 – 12.00
Wednesday –  Thursday : 6.30 – 14.00
Friday : 6.30-15.30
Saturday – Sunday : 7.30-15.30

Facebook Page :


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