July Bellabox Review

I am sooo excited to be reviewing this because this is my first Bellabox!! So the theme of this month’s Bellabox is American Beauty. The special American product that I got in this month’s box is the Nicole by OPI nail polish.

Enough of my rambling… Off to the reviews!

To start things off:
1. Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream

I was pretty excited to try out this one because it’s a Japanese product and it claims to be highly effective all year long. It is supposed to work on all dry skin areas of the body from head to toe – including the face and lips. I expected the product to come out in a creamy liquid form however when I squeezed the tube, it came out in a thicker balm like formula. When I first applied it, what hit me was scent of the product. Honestly, it smells like some Chinese medicinal product (and kinda granny-ish really..) But that aside, the product is nice and extremely moisturising. I only needed to squeeze out a tiny bit to hydrate my face.

2. Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer – Backstage Pass (Carrie Underwood Collection)

Love, love, LOVE this polish! I have never bought any polishes from Nicole by OPI before, mainly because I’ve never really had access to it. To begin with, the colour has a purplish sheen with black undertones. It come off like a purplish brown when dried but it is soooo pretty! On the plus side, this is also the kind of colour tone that I will usually buy. Two coats of this polish is more than sufficient to bring out the colour of this polish. It’s definitely one of my new favourite polishes!

3. Nailene Treatment To Go Pen

Personally I am not a fan of nail polish in a tube. This product by Nailene claims to be an easy to use, fast drying base and topcoat. Basically to use it, you have to click the top of the pen until the polish flows onto the brush. Sounds easy enough right? Well.. not quite. The consistency of the product was much more fluid than I expected it to be. So unsuspecting me ended up having polish flow off the brush and onto my pants. (Thank God it’s a clear polish.) As a base coat, the product dried at a decent rate. Next I painted my nails with Nicole by OPI’s Backstage Pass (that was given in this month’s BellaBox as well). After the colour dried, I tried the product as a top coat. But I was disappointed as the texture came our rather goopy and uneven which was rather disappointing as this product will be really convenient to bring around when travelling. It also took a very long time to dry. The design of the product limits your control of how much polish is on the brush.  Personally, I would not purchase this product. However if you do want to get it, I suggest you only use it as a base coat.

4. Designer Brands Lip Butter – Mango

This product had a light smooth application when I applied it to my lips. It doesn’t have a sticky consistency. It has a light and pleasant mango smell. However the major downside is that it has an artificial sweetness to it. The lip butter also didn’t seem to do much for me as my lips did not seem to absorb most of the moisture. I definitely will not purchase it.
5. Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive Lashes

I have never used falsies before and trying to start now was definitely a daunting task. I appreciated the fact that the lashes was geared towards a natural look as I’m not big on dramatic lashes. However seeing as I’ve never used falsies, I was absolutely clueless on how to use it. After 15 minutes of trying to make it work, I’ve absolutely given up. I will try it again sometime in the future and update this post. Till then…

6. BONUS: Natralus Pure 100% Aloe Vera Gel

Let’s be honest. There’s nothing bad that I can possibly say about aloe vera gel. I use aloe vera gel pretty often for my dry, dehydrated skin. When the condition of my skin is especially bad, I usually apply a layer of it over my skin before going to bed. Aloe vera gel is also perfect on a hot day or after a day at the beach to cure sun burns. So let’s just say I’ve been plenty satisfied with this little sample especially since I’d just run out of my tube of aloe gel.



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