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Tech Review: Sudio FEM – True Wireless Earphones

With an ever-increasing interest in true wireless earbuds, many companies have sprung up in attempts to fill this void at all sorts of price points. The Sudio FEM stands out with their first ever implementation of what Sudio calls ‘Environmental Noise Cancellation’. This feature is similar to Active Noise Cancellation but the only difference is that it cannot be turned on/off. The Sudio FEM is quite fittingly named, as ‘fem’ in Swedish actually means five, and this is the 5th wireless earbuds that Sudio currently has available on their store. True to their familiar Swedish product design, the Sudio FEM is clean and minimalistic. The plastic case has a smooth rubbery texture that provides a nice feel and grip to it. Similar to the Sudio TOLV, it also features a brown string, so that you can secure it to a bag for easy portability. This is definitely a more elegant solution compared to the crassness of a carabiner clip. You might be wondering, “If I hang it on my bag like this, wouldn’t the earbuds …

Review: Sudio TOLV – True Wireless Earphones

The bass for the Sudio TOLV is pronounced but not overpowering, whilst the highs are clean and crisp. The vocals are generally clear and concise, however with some tracks, they do sound a little manufactured.

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