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Tech Review: Sudio Elva

With more than a handful of companies dipping their hands into the business of making True Wireless Earbuds, it is quite rare to see wireless earbuds with a neckband. So, I was quite taken aback when I saw the box of the new Sudio Elva! Is this innovative or outdated? Read on to find out in this review.  Unboxing the Sudio Elva  Unpacking the product was definitely a strange experience as there were 2 parts to the product. One being the headphone themselves, and the other the Bluetooth receiver called the Sudio Flyg, which serves as an in-flight Bluetooth adapter.  Also packed in the box were the USB-A male to female adapter for the Sudio Elva, the USB-C to USB-A for the Sudio Flyg, the usual 5 additional pairs of ear tips, and the manuals for both the Sudio Elva and Sudio Flyg. Another thing that came as a surprise was that unlike its predecessors (the Sudio Tolv, Sudio Fem, and Sudio Ett), these particular earbuds did not come with a case. The white version of both the Sudio Elva and Sudio Flyg are reminiscent to that of a retro 90s computer, coming off rather grey-ish in comparison to their other white coloured products.   The Sudio Flyg  The design of the …

Review: Sudio TOLV – True Wireless Earphones

The bass for the Sudio TOLV is pronounced but not overpowering, whilst the highs are clean and crisp. The vocals are generally clear and concise, however with some tracks, they do sound a little manufactured.

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