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7 Unique Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Asian cultures are full of symbolism, which is especially true when it comes to Chinese New Year. As this year’s Lunar New Year will be celebrated in a vastly different way compared to the previous years, here is a list of 7 different and unique ways that we can celebrate Chinese New Year in 2021!

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Tech Review: Sudio Elva

With more than a handful of companies dipping their hands into the business of making True Wireless Earbuds, it is quite rare to see wireless earbuds with a neckband. So, I was quite taken aback when I saw the box of the new Sudio Elva! Is this innovative or outdated? Read on to find out in this review.  […]

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Tech Review: Sudio ETT

Sudio is back with their latest offering of their wireless earbuds: The Sudio ETT. ETT means “one” in the Swedish language, and it certainly looks like Sudio is trying to make this the one for you. Having reviewed their last 2 generations of wireless earbuds, it seems […]

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Maya Angelou
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