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Food Review: Hush Specialty Coffee @ High St, Fremantle

Barely 24 hours from the time I got back to Perth, I started to have massive cravings for coffee (as always) and lucky me lives a 10 minutes bus ride away from my favorite place in Perth – Fremantle. I made my way to there and got my coffee fix from the Markets which I have missed oh so much, I then decided to take a stroll down the Cappuccino Strip in Freo to see what I have been missing out from the last 3 months that I have been away. I made it all the way down to High street which usually is somewhat less crowded than Cappuccino Strip or even Market street in Freo. While I was aimlessly walking around with no sense of directions or whatsoever, I stumbled upon this really cozy looking cafe called “Hush” and I just knew that I had to drag Jannah here to try this place out with me, which then begins our little coffee adventure the very next day. As usual, standard Jannah and Preetha timing for …

Food Review: The Attic @ Bannister St, Fremantle

So winter is almost over and the weather is currently pretty awkward. Nevertheless, we were keen on trying out this really cute cafe called “The Attic”. Funny fact, I came across this cafe on Urbanspoon sometime last year but somehow I could never find it in Fremantle because I kept getting lost. Of course like any other hungry human being, I gave up and went for the closest option to fill my tummy instead. Thankfully the weather this time around was perfect. However, we did get a little lost while trying to find this place since its quite easy to miss (especially if you’re not familiar with the streets of Fremantle).      If you are looking to have a nice and cozy Sunday morning breakfast or brunch with a small group of friends or alone then this is the place for you. The first thing that caught my eye about this place was their dessert choices. Instantly, I felt like a little kid craving for my sugar fix. I am obsessed with the layout of this cafe. …

Food Review: Coffee Pho you?

Headed out to Northbridge with Tik and Preet today and on impulse ended up at U&I Cafe to get rid of the hunger pangs. As usual their Pho did not disappoint and is the closest I’ve got to the real deal back in Vietnam. If there’s anything we love more than good coffee, it’s discovering new cafes. This time we stumbled upon a quaint, little multi-concept cafe boutique called Tea For tú. The interior eluded a warm, welcoming vibe which is a plus in my books. In addition to that the shop owner was friendly. The coffee here was aromatic and definitely satisfied our coffee fix. However, we concluded that the Iced Chai Latte was an acquired taste. I do however feel that another plus point of this cafe is that the pricing is very affordable. Definitely a lovely cafe to try out if you’re aiming for a low budget outing. J