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Food Review: Tolido’s Espresso Nook

Tolido’s is a neat little cafe located along North Bridge Road. It has a rustic and industrial look whilst remaining cozy due to the small space inside.



We ordered the Rosti with Smoked Bratwurst (S$17). The Rosti itself was nice and crisp on the outside, lacking much flavour, but the Smoked Bratwurst definitely made up for it. Overall it was a balanced dish.



The Spaghetti Vongole (S$17) is loaded with clams. The noodles is cooked al dente and the sauce just has a nice kick to it and isn’t that spicy.



We of course ordered some coffee to go with our dishes, I got my hands on a Cappuccino (S$5.50). It was smooth, closer to the bitter side, but masked up by the milk. They do have a lunch time special where if you order a main, you just need to top up another S$2 for the drink!



Last but not least… Dessert!! Well, the choices on their menu itself wasn’t that great, so we took the Banana Almond French Toast (S$10) from their all-day breakfast menu instead. The french toast was nice and not too egg-gy. The banana’s are nicely caramelised but it was lacking enough bananas to compliment the french toast.



Overall, the food was not very interesting, as it was simple and honest cooking. But their coffee is definitely worth a try!


#01-63, Crawford Ln, Block 462, 190462

 Opening Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Friday: 8:00am – 6.30pm

Weekends: 9:00am – 6:30pm


Tel: +65 66580178


Food Review: Miyama Café, Saigon

Miyama had us smitten from the start. Using organic ingredients from their garden in Dalat, their desserts have less sugar and doesn’t use and artificial colouring. So all the colouring in the desserts and food is natural. This allows you to indulge in their yummy desserts without the guilt. It’s been one year and half years since the opening of this specialty dessert café, and they have constantly been revamping their menu to better suit their customers. So don’t be surprised if the desserts that we mentioned are no longer available!

The café is a modern Tokyo-styled café based in the centre of the bustling city of Saigon. The glass panes that encloses their minimalist space casts plenty of natural light into the café whilst providing you with a sense of escapism from the urban city. It is a rather tough gem to find as it is not located on the same floor as the rest of the eateries. It is situated on the 3rd floor, in the corner lot of Saigon Centre, right next to Levi’s.

First, we have the Canele from the Freshly Baked Sets (148,000 VND). These sets are baked from 3PM to 6PM, and come with a choice of coffee or tea. Some aspects of the sets changes daily, but the flavours that we got were Yuzu and Green Tea. The French pastry was nicely caramelized and crusty on the outside, and yet soft and flavourful on the inside. Personally, I found it to be a pleasant surprise as I liked it a lot more than I expected to.

Miyama has an array of healthy drinks and we decided to order the Organic Can Gio Mango Frozen (98,000 VND). Right from the get-go, you could tell that it was house-made and fresh. The texture resembles a mango purée, and the mango flavour is strong and sweet with very little sugar added. If you love mangoes, this might be the drink you want to order.

Another beverage that we ordered was the tea, La France (148,000 VND). It was fragrant and smells a lot like a Fuji apple. In terms of flavour, it has a tinge of sharp minty-ness that went well with the light apple flavour. However, you might want to drink this while it’s still hot as that’s when it tastes best. We also didn’t enjoy it when the tea brewed for too long as it had a very tannic aftertaste.

Next up, we had their Cherry Slice (108,000 VND). It was garnished with fresh cherries, tiny meringues and some mint. Over all it was light but creamy. In addition to that, the mint leaves gave the dessert another dimension. It’s slightly sweet but not too overpoweringly so. Definitely a well thought out combination of flavours!

We also ordered the Hồ Con Rùa Plated Dessert (158,000 VND). This was honestly almost to pretty to eat! There’s a lot of elements to this beautifully plated dish. It’s very complex with the different layers of textures and flavours. Each component of the dessert has different flavours. My favourite part is that everything on the plate is edible. The “pebble stones” were delicious chocolate on the outside, with yuzu cream on the inside. The turtle bun is a bit flour-y but when eaten with the cream, it balances out well. The cute little Koi jellies were filled with Sakura and Yuzu. I had no idea that Sakuras had a slight tinge of a taste that resembled sour plum!

Of course with all the sweets we ordered, we needed a bit of savoury! We ordered the Chicken Liver Pate as an intermezzo for our desserts. It came with a side of raspberry jam, red wine onions, and pink pepper from Phu Quoc Island. Fun fact: These pink peppers are unique to the island! I especially loved the pink pepper as it has the peppery fragrance and light flavour but isn’t overpowering. The pate was homemade and oh-so-delicious! Overall, the pate was great to cleanse the palate as it was savoury and a nice change of flavour.

What is a trip to a Japanese Specialty Dessert Café without ordering the Matcha Millecrepe. The millecrepe was creamy and had a full-bodied matcha flavour. The crepe isn’t too flour-y as it was just the right thickness nad there was a good scattering of red beans to go with it. This is definitely one for the matcha lovers.

The good part about the desserts at Miyama is that they’re not overly sweet. There’s just enough sugar to bring out the flavours. You will find that you can go through the different desserts without having to wash it down with water. We would definitely like to come back again to try out their main dishes (and eat more of their yummy desserts!)

Location :
L3 – 01, SaigonCentre,
65 Le Loi Blvd,
Ben Nghe Ward,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City,

Opening Hours : 
Monday – Sunday :  9.30 – 22.00

Website :

Food Review: Salt Grill & Sky Bar

Salt Grill & Sky Bar is located on the 55th floor of Ion Orchard. It has an amazing view over the city and you could definitely say “you were dining in the clouds”. During lunch time, they serve a 3-course set menu.


For starters, we ordered the Organic Free-Range Egg Crab Omelette, that came with Enoki Mushroom and Herb Salad, and a Miso Mustard Broth. It was a very nicely cooked omelette which was very light and smooth. The salad gives it a very fresh, earthy flavour. The miso broth was light and yet flavourful without being the main focus of the dish.


We also had the Steak Tartare, with Confit Egg Yolk, Charcoal Aioli, and Stout Crisps. This was an amazing dish, it was very smooth and had a very similar texture and taste as raw fish. The stout crisps gave a nice crunch to it as well. The dish was nicely seasoned.


Usually, chicken dishes are rather boring and not that great. But the Corn-Fed Chicken Breast, with Foie Gras and Truffle Farce, Young Corn, Smoked Bacon Jus, and Dehydrated Sweet Peas was absolutely delicious. The chicken was moist and has a very strong truffle flavour. With the foie gras stuffed inside, the dish was even more mouth-watering.


The Meat of the Day (+$15), was a Waygu Beef Cut. The beef was nicely seared and was very tender. The vegetables underneath soaked in all the juices from the beef which made it very tasty. The parsley puree to me was slightly too ‘raw’ but eating with the meat and a little hint of whole grain mustard really gave it a different flavour.


The Dessert of the Day, was a burnt butter sponge cake with mascarpone cream. It was very soothing and light, making it a very nice way to end the meal.


The Sorbet of the Day was a blackcurrant sorbet. It was smooth but very sour, and had a nice amount of caramelised sugar on the top to eat with it.


The Chef’s Selection of Cheese was two very strong cheeses, a blue cheese and a goats cheese. Some may find it too strong and not enjoy this dish but personally it was also a nice end to the meal.


Overall, it was an interesting experience to dine in the sky with some amazing food and flavours. If you are willing to splurge a little for lunch, this is definitely worth a try.



S$49++ (Some dishes require additional charges) for the Lunch Set Menu

S$9++ for sides


2 Orchard Turn

ION Orchard #55-01 & #56-01


Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 11.00AM – 1.45PM, 6.00-9.45PM

Friday to Sunday: 11.00AM – 1.45PM, 2.30-4.45PM, 6.00-9.45PM


Tel: +65 6592 5118

Recipe: Cheesy Baked Mashed Potatoes with Bacon, Sour Cream and Chives

I was just thinking of what to do with the Russet potatoes which I had just bought… Potato Salad? Wedges? Or just simply mashed? Mashed Potatoes are great, and I will choose it over French Fries!!

I really wanted to take this dish to the next level in terms of flavour and colours. I am so happy to share it with you as it is indeed an incredibly irresistible dish. It is not just fluffy and light but by adding in the foursome; sour cream, bacon, cheese and chives, it has given it more flavour and a creamy and rich texture.

This dish is so simple and easy, and the best part is you can prepare it a day ahead and bake it on the day that you want to serve it!

WARNING!! If you are watching your weight, this is not for you! Hmm… or maybe you should stop counting your calories.

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Serves 4 to 6 persons


1 kg of russet or Yukon gold potatoes, peel and cut into chunks

½ cup sour cream

¼ cup of fresh milk

50g unsalted butter

120g grated Cheddar cheese

10 streaky bacon, cut into small pieces

Finely chopped chives, amount to your liking

Salt and pepper to taste



Preheat oven to 180℃

  1. Peel the potatoes and cut it into 3 pieces.
  2. Bring a pot of water to boil and add in the cut potatoes. Make sure the water covers the potatoes.
  3. Reduce the heat to medium and simmer until very tender, about 15 minutes.
  4. Drain the cooked potatoes.
  5. Transfer into a bowl and mash the potatoes.
  6. Add the butter, salt and pepper onto the mashed potatoes. Mix well.
  7. Add in the sour cream, milk, cheese and chives. Mix well.
  8. Transfer the mash into a baking tray.
  9. Top it with the bacon.
  10. Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes or till the bacon is cooked and top is golden brown.
  11. Garnish with more chives if you like and serve immediately.

Food Review: Sorae Restaurant & Lounge, Saigon

Within the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh City, lies Sorae Restaurant & Lounge on the 24th and the 25th floors of AB tower. It gives an amazing panoramic view of the city along with its modern “Japanese” inspired furniture and decor.


We started off the meal with the Live Canadian Oysters (1 for 110,000 VND, 6 for 595,000 VND). The Oysters were very fresh and slurping it down with the grated chilli radish and ponzu sauce gives it a really good kick to wake your taste buds up.


Next up was the Spicy Hotate Karayaki (150,000 VND). The sauce was very interesting as it was similar to spicy mayo but at the same time, the texture and the flavour were different. It is really worth a try!


Suddenly the smell of truffle permeated the room, the Foie Gras Chawan Mushi Truffle An (195,000 VND) had just been served. Honestly, Chawan Mushi is not a very interesting dish, but the truffle gave it another layer of complexity and flavour. The Foie Gras had been lightly grilled, giving it a more intense and charred flavour. The Chawan Mushi was smooth in texture and nicely seasoned. Did I mention that the Foie Gras was amazing?!?!?!


What is Japanese food without some raw fish? We ordered the Momo (1,550,000 VND) which consists of 4 kinds of Japanese fish & 4 kinds of local fish. The prawns were sweet, and the fish were very fresh. There is a sufficient variety and is definitely Instagram worthy. There’s not much to hate or say about Sashimi (unless it’s not fresh).

Salmon Skin

We ended the savoury part of the meal with some Makimono. Specifically, the Spider Maki (225,000 VND) and the Salmon Skin (195,000 VND). However, with all the good food down, we did not find them particularly impressive although they tasted good. The Salmon Skin had a very nice texture. I enjoyed the softness of the rice with the salmon and the crispy salmon skin rolled inside.


Last but not least, dessert (of course!). We had the Green Tea Ice Cream (55,000 VND) and the Yuzu Sorbet (65,000 VND). The green tea flavour was quite strong and it was very creamy. The Yuzu Sorbet was quite light and refreshing, with a slight tinge of sourness.


Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable experience. The ambiance makes the place feel very exclusive, and was accompanied by the amazing food. If you are ever in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, this is definitely worth a try!



24th Floor, AB Tower,

76A Le Lai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1,

Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

Opening Hours:

Lunch: 11:30am – 2:00pm

Dinner: 5:30pm – 1:00am


Tel: +84 838272372


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Recipe: Prawn Paste Chicken (Har Cheong Gai)

Deep fried stuff is unhealthy, who doesn’t know that right? However, deep-fried chicken is just so good that occasionally I still enjoy it. Especially these Har Cheong Gai (in Cantonese it literally means Prawn Paste Chicken), they are crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside and the intense savoury flavour is just so irresistible!! Bet this is even better than eating KFC.

Har Cheong Gai is first marinated and then dipped into a batter or dusted with a flour mixture and left to marinade overnight before deep frying it the following day.

WARNING:  The moment you open the bottle of Shrimp Paste, the smell will “stink up” the whole house so ensure that you close all the rooms’ doors and open your windows. I kind of over exaggerated but the smell might be too overpowering for some. Once you have tasted Har Cheong Gai, it will be a different story altogether. I believe you will love it!

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Serves 4 to 5 persons


1 kg mid wing and drumlets


Marinade for the chicken wings:

3 tablespoons Prawn Paste

2½ teaspoons Brown Sugar

2 tablespoons Sesame Oil

3 tablespoons Chinese Wine (Hua Tiao Chiew)

1 teaspoon white pepper



80g Plain Flour

80g Potato Starch

1 egg

100ml water

¼ tablespoon bicarbonate of soda

¼ teaspoon baking powder


Other ingredients:

Cooking Oil

1 or 2 Calamansi/small lime

Some Sambal Chillies



Marinating the Chicken Wings:

  1. Remove any remnant feathers on the chicken wings and drumlets. Rub the skin of the chicken pieces with some salt to remove any impurities, then wash and drain dry.
  2. Add the ingredients for the marinade on the chicken and mix well.
  3. Add all the ingredients to the batter and mix well to get a smooth batter.
  4. Coat the marinated chicken evenly with the batter.
  5. Mix well and place the chicken in a container to marinade overnight.


Deep-Frying the Chicken Wings:

  1. Heat up the wok with oil till it is moderately hot (180°C).
  2. Add 5 to 6 wings or drumlets at a time into the oil.
  3. Cook for 4 minutes or until golden brown.
  4. Once cooked, remove from the oil and transfer to a wire rack to cool down.
  5. Continue to fry the rest of the chicken wings and drumlets. Remember to turn the heat up to high again before you start to fry each subsequent batch.
  6. Transfer the chicken onto a serving dish, and garnish with some parsley.
  7. Before serving squeeze some calamansi on the chicken wings and serve with some sambal chillies.

*Adapted from ieatishootipost

#BeyondNormTravels: All Aboard Saigon Princess

Docked at the Nha Rong Harbour, the Saigon Princess, although smaller in size, stands out from the rest of the cruise ships. But good things come in small packages as due to her low height, it can pass the bridge that runs across the Saigon River, allowing the Saigon Princess to go further down the river than the other ships. The Saigon Princess travels all the way down to what would be the tallest building in Saigon. From the exterior, one of her obvious features is the top deck, which enables you to get a better view as you cruise along the River. The interior is both classic and regal.

When in full service, the Saigon Princess can hold up to 250 guests, 67 waiters and 11 chefs. They’re differentiated from the other businesses along the harbour as they specialise in fine dining. The meal sets comes in 5 different options – the Western, Asian Seafood, Asian, Fusion and Vegetarian.

We selected one Western, one Asian Seafood and two Fusion sets, so that we had a good taste of what she has to offer. Personally, we felt that the Fusion menu would be the hardest to execute but the chefs on-board did not disappoint!

Highlights of the Fusion set:

Crispy Wrap and Roll Prawn

New Zealand Rack of Lamb

Green Tea Creme Brûlée with Vanilla Ice Cream

The prawn although pretty in presentation was a bit of a challenge to consume. It had a light and sweet flavour from the pineapple plum sauce which we quite enjoyed. The lamb was cooked to the right doneness and went very well with the coriander fried rice and honey rosemary sauce. Do be warned that lamb does have a game-y flavour and if you’re not prepared for it, it may take you by surprise. Moving on to the dessert, the green tea creme brûlée had a very interesting and unique flavour. Overall it was very smooth and balanced.

Highlights of the Asian seafood set:

Spicy Grilled Squid Salad

Grilled Butter King Prawns in Coconut Curry Gravy with Scallop Fried Rice

The squid was well marinated and cooked to perfection. It comes with a refreshing cucumber and tomato salad with a side of oranges. It is a lovely medley of fresh flavours to whet your appetite for the meal ahead. The scallop fried rice had a lot of interesting textures and flavours from the lotus seeds, dried shrimp and spring onions. It also has a tinge of spice to it. The spiciness of the coconut curry gravy greets you the moment it touches your mouth. So if you’re not good with spicy food (like I am), you might want to consider a different menu.

Highlights of the Western set:

Grilled Australian Beef Tenderloin & Prawn

Dark Chocolate Mousse, Coconut Ice Cream

The beef was nicely cooked and the flavours between the honey mustard sauce, cheese and the bacon was well balanced.  My favourite part of this set was the dessert of course!! The chocolate mousse was rich but not too overpowering. It has a very soft and creamy texture which complemented the coconut ice cream very well.

On the day that we dined, we were fortunate to have a wonderful windy winter night in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The view and the weather further heightened the experience.

Each aspect of the menu was carefully orchestrated by the menu director, Dirk Schroeter, from the appetisers to the desserts. The seafood was a quality grade and very fresh. The dessert had very balanced flavours and was definitely a great end to a wonderful meal. Overall, it was a wonderful experience from start to finish!

Location :
Nhà Rong Port (Cảng Nhà Rong)
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

Opening Hours : 
Monday – Sunday : 18.30 – 21.30

Website : Saigon Princess River Cruise Facebook Page


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